Welcome to Hilly Crafty Care Nepal (HCCN)

Hilly crafty care Nepal is one of the non-profit organizations, which was official registered on 2009. Before official registration of this organization team member in individual effort helped people on rural areas for health, education, building construction and agricultural activities. When our team worked long time for nonprofit project, it was necessary to register in legal process in Social Welfare Council Nepal, District development committee Nepal and District administration according to the legal advice from Nepal government rule. To sum up, officially we registered non-profit NGO name of Hilly Crafty Care Nepal (HCCNEPAL).

Since 2009, HCCNEPAL have been working in the field of education, child sponsorships for child scholarship from foreign sponsors. We have nearly 74 child scholarship from foreign sponsors since 2009 to 2015.  We focus mainly on child scholarships and their sponsors. HCCNEPAL organizes many health camps and first aids center for accidental events of landslide, avalanche, flood and earthquake disasters. We prefer construction of school buildings (premises) ,building of health posts and also the construction of hospitals as well as hanging bridge and farmhouse(poultry farm, fish pond, bee keeping ,etc).The running projects are bee keeping and goat farm. Our objective of this organization (HCCNEPAL) is to make people aware about health hazards, environmental problems as well as to make people self dependent.

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Life Station in Okhle
  • Projects Type: Ongoing Projects
  • Projects Location: Gorkha,Nepal
  • Start Date: 3rd July, 2011
  • Projects Budget: 0

The village lies about 6 hours of hiking Okhle east of Gorkha and houses approximately 100 families. Okhle located in the heart of the first Aid Station, which is headed by a kind village doctor. The village doctor is also the local vet. Once a man, a goat or an ox fallen ill, he is at the site and is paid mostly with food.