About us

Hilly crafty care Nepal is one of the non-profit organizations established and officially registered on 2009. Before official registration the organization the team members worked individually in the betterment of health, education, building construction and agricultural activities in country sides of Nepal. The team worked for a long period of time in the non- profit project, as it was necessary to complete the abided legal process our organization is registered in Social Welfare Council Nepal, District Development Committee Nepal and District Administration Office of Nepal. The organization is named as Hilly Crafty Care Nepal (HCCNepal), a non-profit Non- Governmental Organization.


Since 2009, HCCNEPAL have been working in the field of education, child sponsorships and scholarship to diligent and needy children through the donations of foreign sponsors. We have granted scholarship to 79 children's in between 2009 to 2015. We mainly prioritize on scholarships to children's and sponsors for them. Apart from educational priority HCCNEPAL also focuses on health sector by organizing health camps and also a first aid center at the time accidental or natural disaster.


We also prefer in constructing schools, establishing health posts and also the construction of hospitals as well as hanging bridge and farmhouse (poultry farm, fish pond, bee keeping, etc) to uplift the life of the locals. At present we are continuing the project of bee keeping and livestock keeping, as per our objective of making people self dependent. Along with the operation of the project we are providing education and awareness to the people about the environmental hazards and way to prevent and defend it.


Our First Step in the field of Social Work

From 2003 we started to help children, who are not able to continue their studies because of financial crisis, we provided them with scholarships. Our organizations founders Mr. Dieter Otto from Germany and Mr. Devendra Amgain from Nepal conducted research and surveys on the rural areas of Nepal to get the clear picture of the poverty and its result. After the intensive survey and research we bridge the sponser and the under privileged family's child to continue the education. With the change of the time several people from Europe and America gave us hand and we got the chance to sponsor more children's, who were deprived from education due to poverty. At first we only could have sponsored 3 children's but now the number has hiked to 79.


Regularly we work several project as health post, drinking water project, school construction, rescue people and agriculture. In year 2009, officially we register nonprofit organization hilly crafty care Nepal.  And working continues for future helpline.


Why we are different?

We are working for free of profit in Nepal. We mainly work in areas where poverty is extreme (remote and poor educational areas). We provide and collect fund which goes directly to school children's fees and educational materials payment and project work. We also keep the details and make them public through the photos clicked and clear the billing system within project work duration. In our HCCN team we all have own professional income salary and business, reason we don’t need to earn money as business from this organization. We need official expenses 10% from project fund which is work for system.