Drinking Water Distribution

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Gorkha Nepal

Start Date: 9th May, 2012

Drinking Water Distribution Mechanism
In the village, we have used the following distribution mechanism. And in the future we will be using it too.
The source of drinking water is clear streams. At first, water is stored in a nearby collector. Pipes, both iron and plastic, take water to a larger tank (capacity: 10,000 liters) in a village. And from the tank, drinking water is distributed through taps installed in various parts of the village.
Water is distributed through the taps as per a timetable. At certain times of a day, the villagers gather in the taps and fill their containers. And, we have also set up a practice of collecting nominal charge per month from each house so that the money can be used to maintain and repair taps, pipes and tanks.
The drinking water supply system will be a great relief to the villagers during the dry seasons.

                                                                                               H.C. C. Nepal                                           


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         Name of Project: Damdade (Aliche) Drinking water supply

            Location            : Trandrang 7 (Okhle)


            Source:                       Damadade (aliche)


             House hold:               25

             One house hold=       6.2 nos for 10 years

             One person=              65 liter per days

             One animal=              25 liter per days

             R.V.T. Tank:             2 nos

             Intak:                         1

             System:                     Closed system

              Tap open:                 6 AM to 10 AM

                                               14 PM to 21 PM

               Project Duration:    3 Month

               Project cost- Rs 1, 279,000.292

               Training -3Days – for user committee



 Donor Agency 75% from total cost = Rs 959,250.219

Okhle people& HCCN participant invest 25% = Rs 319750.073