Life Station in Okhle

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Start Date: 3rd July, 2011

The village lies about 6 hours of hiking Okhle east of Gorkha and houses approximately 100 families. Okhle located in the heart of the first Aid Station, which is headed by a kind village doctor.

The village doctor is also the local vet. Once a man, a goat or an ox fallen ill, he is at the site and is paid mostly with food.

The nearest doctor is correct only to be found in Kathmandu. To get there, you must first spend about 4 hours on the back of capable off-road trucks to Gorkha. From there you can only be brought by ambulance (about 4 hours drive) to Kathmandu.

If you consider that most villagers do not know the money/and yet have never Kathmandu have seen, this first Help stop the only medical care for people.

Much needed things.

  • A stretcher for the terrain.
  • A dental set (for dental care).
  • Syringes and needles.
  • Anything that can make use of a village doctor.
  • A new stethoscope


Life Station in OkhleLife Station in Okhle


Life Station in OkhleLife Station in OkhleLife Station in Okhle