Rural Gorkha School & Social Welfare Project

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Gorkha Nepal

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Project Overview:

HCCN, Hilly Crafty Care Nepal, is registered in Nepal as a non-governmental “philanthropic association”. The mission of HCCN is to provide social assistance and care to poor people in Nepal; to help needy Nepali people progress well and healthily in society. In our extensive study of social issues, HCCN members have identified many social problems in the rural areas of Nepal, and we have focused our research and work to a very remote agriculture area in the Gorkha district, the district where the epicenter of 2015's Earthquake lies.

To begin this project, HCCN plans to purchase 61,038 square meters of land in the Gorkha district (Tandrang and Okhle village) of Nepal; the site where we intend to build a boarding school and hostel. The total cost for this project (including land purchase and construction) is USD $107,000 – USD $27,000 to purchase land and begin the project.

We have identified many poor and orphaned children from a wide area around the village of Okhle; the school will have the capacity to board the children all day, and, because they may need to walk very far from their homes (up to 1 ½ hours walk away), some children may at times need to be accommodated overnight. The hostel will also be able accommodate volunteer teachers. As soon as the school & hostel will be built, we will bring our entire social welfare mission for the area there. We will utilize this location also as a center for conducting all of our continuing and future projects (e.g. health care center, organic agriculture courses, fund raising management, adult education).

Fundraising and Donations

HCCN plans to fund this project by way of: 1. selling Nepali handcrafts in foreign markets; 2. donations, by way of child sponsorship of the needy children who will attend the future school; 3. other miscellaneous donations (e.g. Health Care Donors, educational/ technological supplies).

Currently, we have started foreign partnerships for exporting and selling Nepali handicrafts and have sponsorships for 34 children waiting to begin their studies at the new school; donors for schoolchildren sponsorships are from several different countries including Switzerland, USA, Finland, Austria, and Germany. We are presently trying to find sponsorship for the ~137 more children who hope to have the opportunity to attend the future school. We are also hoping to build additional partnerships with foreign interests who wish to import and sell Nepali handicraft as a fund-raiser for this project.

Nepal is well-known for its high-quality handmade clothing and jewelry & accessories; very fashionable in Europe, North America, and other western nations. We hope to raise funds for this project by selling Nepali handcrafts in foreign markets where the currency is better than in Nepal. Nepali handicrafts sold at inexpensive prices in western markets can lead to large help for HCCN projects (by Nepal standards), while helping to employ Nepali artisans, especially women.

With foreign partnership, we can ship large quantities of handmade clothing (e.g. woolen hats, sweaters, jackets, and scarves; fun warm-weather dresses and shirts, etc.) and jewelry & accessories (e.g. hand bags, lap-top cases, embroidered wallets, etc.). Small light items (which are easy to ship in large quantities), can be sold cheaply (by western economic standards), and the partner can still make some profit while helping HCCN support Nepali social welfare (especially for children) and employment development (especially for women).

Project Details:

Boarding School & Hostel Construction

On the purchased land in Okhle, we will build all earthquake-protected structures. Buildings will include 6 classrooms for study and 6 rooms for the hostel – with accommodations for students and teachers. We will also build a playground and a health care center on the same ground. In the hostel, 2 additional rooms will be for foreign volunteers to stay in while they are helping in the village. We will soon provide construction plans or a structure map of the planned facilities for this site.

Health Care Center

Currently, the nearest health care facility to the Okhle area is very far away; people need to take a bus for several hours to get to a health care facility, the bus only comes by once a day, and most locals are very poor and even have trouble paying the bus fare to get there. Building a health care center in Okhle is very important to the social welfare of the entire Gorkha district. On the same grounds where we will build the school & hostel, we plan to build a separate health care station. There we will keep all current area health objects and medicines, and build upon and maintain these materials. Eventually, we would like to establish a health care center there, where we would for instance have the capacity to help women with midwifery and other emergency treatments.
We will keep all “Health Care Donors” informed of developments towards building a formal Okhle Health Care Center as well as provide feedback as to how these facilities help these rural villagers live better lives. We also hope to encourage foreign health assistants/doctors to volunteer at these facilities; they would not only have the opportunity to really help in an area of great need and provide education/classes to help locals live better on their own, but would also have opportunity to conduct their own research projects there.

Organic farming and Environmental Clean-up

The new Okhle facilities will provide opportunity for research and a sharing of knowledge among the local agriculture workers, while advocating for environmentally friendly and productive methods.  Foreign volunteers will bring in new concepts for educating the locals on environmental issues (e.g. trash and sewage pollution), and volunteers will gain the practical experience and unique knowledge that comes from working with rural Nepali organic farmers. Volunteers may also have opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook some delicious traditional Nepali meals out of the organically grown crops and livestock of the area, as well as indulge in some of the local teas, coffee, etc.


This project will offer many poor and disadvantaged people in the Gorkha district great advantages in the areas of education, health, agriculture, and finance. Orphaned and destitute children will get life and light. This project is not only for Okhle villagers, but will have good impacts on the entire district of Gorkha; the thousands of those who directly benefit from living a more educated and healthier lifestyle (promoted by this project) will help inspire new projects and schemes and take positions in the local society, which will surely positively impact the overall future of the Gorkha district.

Aside from all the ways that we have designated you can help with this project, we also are gratefully accepting material donations, especially educational materials (e.g. laptop computers, books, etc.) and health care products (contact us for more information). Please, contact us directly in regards to any material items you wish to donate towards this project and for any ideas about how you can help.

We wish to acknowledge all contributors to this project. With permission, we will certify all donors’/sponsors’ names with the Nepal government and Nepal social welfare council by newspaper and other media, and, when construction  of the school & hostel is complete, a metal plate on the facilities will acknowledge contributors.

Thank you for all of your help.