Ongoing Projects

Life Station in Okhle
  • Projects Type: Ongoing Projects
  • Projects Location: Gorkha,Nepal
  • Start Date: 3rd July, 2011
  • Projects Budget: 0

The village lies about 6 hours of hiking Okhle east of Gorkha and houses approximately 100 families. Okhle located in the heart of the first Aid Station, which is headed by a kind village doctor. The village doctor is also the local vet. Once a man, a goat or an ox fallen ill, he is at the site and is paid mostly with food.

Home Rebuild
  • Projects Type: Ongoing Projects
  • Projects Location: Nuwakot Nepal
  • Start Date: 7th May, 2016
  • Projects Budget: 1300000

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal at 11:56 am. The earthquake was the biggest to hit our country in nearly a century. It caused an extensive damage of properties, mainly houses, and death of thousands of people. In our aid trips to Nuwakot and Gorkha we assessed the damages and realized that we should be focusing on long-term assistance. So, we collaborated with , Two Brothers Treks & Expeditions one of our supporters, to design volunteering trips with a hope that volunteers from around the world would come to Nepal and help in rebuilding homes for the earthquake victims .

Child Sponsorship Program
  • Projects Type: Ongoing Projects
  • Projects Location: Gorkha Dhading Nuwakot
  • Start Date: 15th January, 2009
  • Projects Budget: 0

The Craftycare Nepal has launched the Child Education Sponsorship Program in teamwork with Two Brothers Treks and expedition.The goal of this program is to provide school-level education to deprived but deserving children so as to empower them to better their future prospects through education. Disabled, conflict-affected, discarded or orphaned, these children sleet from very poor families from remote Gorkha Dhading and Nuwakot villages Nepal.